Longhoughton Parish Council: Toilets, phone signal and future of village

A view of Longhoughton.A view of Longhoughton.
A view of Longhoughton.
A major review is being planned to help shape the future of Longhoughton and '˜put the heart back into the village'.

The parish council is wanting residents to have their say on how they would like to see the community to develop over the next five to 10 years, what facilities are needed and any other important issues.

The ambitious survey will focus on the needs of people of all ages, as well as Longhoughton itself. It is envisaged that topics will include:

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○ Possible community use of the ex-Jonnie Johnson site at Burnside;

○ Social and leisure needs, including a pub;

○ Sporting facilities for all the family;

○ Housing needs, especially affordable housing;

○ Retailing and services;

○ Employment, transport and the adequacy of the roads;

○ Environmental issues including road safety;

○ Putting the heart back into Longhoughton.

To help move the review forward, the parish council wants to create a steering group, recruiting up to eight representatives from the community to work with the ward parish councillors. Anyone who is interested or who would like more information should contact the parish council.

It is expected that the review will take several months and the aim is to ensure that every household has the opportunity to have its say.

The information was published in the new-look bi-monthly community newsletter, supported by the parish council.

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It states: ‘We want a clear plan for the future of the village. Change continually happens and we cannot always control it, but if we have a clear strategy and action plan then we may be able to ensure that some of the changes are what people want and support.’

• Talks are taking place with NEED Ltd to see if a shopping minibus service can come through Boulmer and Longhoughton each Friday, picking up mid-morning and returning early afternoon.

• Excitement is building ahead of a long-awaited and much-needed rebuild of toilet facilities at Howick Village Hall. It has taken a lot of work to raise the funds.

• A dossier of potholes and other road imperfections has been compiled for the road from Longhoughton through Boulmer to Lesbury.

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• Longhoughton Parish Council is complaining to a number of mobile-phone operators about poor reception in Boulmer and asking them to improve their networks.

• A defibrillator has been installed outside the Boulmer Volunteer Rescue Service building, paid for by Story Homes, which built Chancel Place, and Longhoughton Parish Council.