Northumberland weather: Hour-by-hour forecast as parts of county face flooding

It's a wet weekend across the board for the North East, with yellow warnings in force for rain and thunderstorms.

Saturday, 10th August 2019, 12:40 pm
Updated Saturday, 10th August 2019, 2:05 pm

But when are the showers going to be worst across Northumberland on Saturday, August 10 and Sunday, August 11?

Parts of the county have fallen victim to flooding, with work underway on the A697 near Powburn to clear standing water, while fields have also faced localised flooding.

Workers trying to clear standing water on A697 near Powburn.

Here’s what’s to come:

1pm: 90% chance of rain

2pm: 80% chance of rain

3pm: 80% chance of rain

4pm: 60% chance of rain

5pm: 80% chance of rain

6pm: 70% chance of rain

7pm: 10% chance of rain

8pm: 10% chance of rain

9pm: 70% chance of rain

10pm: 30% chance of rain

11pm: 10% chance of rain

Forecasters predict 80% to 90% chance of rain for most of Sunday.