New campaign aims to answer questions over Covid vaccines

A new campaign has been launched aimed at answering some of the most frequently asked questions about the Covid-19 questions.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021, 10:21 am
Alice Wiseman, Director of Public Health for Gateshead, receives her second vaccination as part of the launch of 'Every Question Matters' campaign.

‘Every Question Matters’ was launched on Monday by #BeatCovidNE and aims to answer questions that residents in the North East have about the vaccines.

It is being supported by the region’s seven local authorities alongside colleagues from CCGs and NHS Foundation Trusts across the region.

Liz Morgan Director of Public Health for Northumberland, said the campaign was so important as it helped give answers to people’s questions from a reliable source.

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The 'Every Question Matters' campaign has been launched by #BeatCovidNE.

She said: “It’s natural for people to feel hesitant about getting the vaccine and we know that many people share common questions, worries and anxieties about it.

“It is a very personal decision, but the key message of this campaign is simple: it’s okay to have questions about the Covid vaccines, but you need a reliable source to answer them, such as your GP, a healthcare professional or the Beat Covid NE website.

"These sources will be able to answer many common questions like what’s in the vaccine or which vaccine is recommended for your age group.

“What we do know is that getting both doses of the vaccine is our best hope of reducing the serious health harms caused by Covid, and avoiding a return to the lockdown situations of the previous year.

"It is effective against all current variants, particularly if you have received both doses and the more of us who have it, the more we will lower the rates of Covid infections in our communities and reduce the risk of more serious variants emerging.

“If you were initially hesitant when your cohort was first called, but have changed your mind, you can still get the vaccine – it’s not too late.

"Call your GP and they will be able to advise on how to book an appointment.”

The BeatCovidNE website has a range of questions and answers, developed with healthcare professionals.

The campaign also features a series of Covid vaccine Q&A videos that address many common questions, delivered by North East healthcare professionals including a GP, midwife, senior nurse and pharmacist.