Doll house donation delights brave Willow as her cancer battle continues

A Gazette reader has donated a dolls house to Willow Dodd who is currently having treatment for stage four cancer while hundreds of pounds has been donated.

Willow has loved playing with her new dolls house donated to her by Gazette reader Tracy
Willow has loved playing with her new dolls house donated to her by Gazette reader Tracy

At just 23-months-old Willow Dodd was diagnosed with stage-four rhabdomyosarcoma in May, and within days she had to undergo an operation and started chemotherapy.

She is now having radiotherapy but that hasn’t stopped her from doing one of her favourite things – playing.

Tracy knew the dolls house would be perfect for Willow

Graeme Dodd, Willow’s dad, said: "Willow is now in her second week of radiotherapy and is coping well. Next week she will be having her chemotherapy cycle alongside so we will have to wait and see how that affects her."

After Gazette reader, Tracy Jones, of Alnwick read about Willow in the paper she wanted to give little Willow a dolls’ house as a gift.

Tracy bought a dolls’ house in 2018 as a project, she painted it, made miniature furniture, added flowers for finishing touches and before adding little doll people. After all that work she wanted a little girl to enjoy it.

Over the weekend Tracy took the dolls house to a delighted Willow.

Willow Dodd plays with her brother Joey, seven (pictured), Ollie, 10, and Louie, five

She said: “I am so pleased it has gone to the right person and didn’t get wasted.”

Tracy said: “I sat with them for a while and I didn’t get a word out of Willow as she was so engrossed in the house, which is exactly what I wanted. They were a lovely family and I think it was a great bit of role play for Willow to enjoy.”

Graeme and mum Karla Heathcote have been fundraising after Graeme left his job to care for Willow. Graeme said: “Me and my partner Karla are truly grateful for all the support which is still ongoing.”

Willow is set to ring her first bell after her radiotherapy ends if all goes well.

Willow pretends to give medicine to her toys during playtime Picture by Jane Coltman

The fundraiser for Willow has raised over £6,000. To donate search for ‘Will's campaign for Willow’ on Go Fund Me.