Rugs UK 2023: best stylish large rugs for your living room


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Don’t make the mistake of thinking a rug is an interior decoration afterthought - a well-chosen rug can really tie a room together

A cannily chosen rug can add depth, texture, a splash of colour to a room. Pick the right one, and your room will be more comfortable, look more spacious - not to mention your colour scheme look well curated, rather than accidental.

Our top tip would be to chose something bold and beautiful for your living room, while rugs for throughout the house should tend towards neutral colours and texture.

What should you look for when buying a rug?

The colour of your rug needs to tie into the colour scheme of your room - which means it’s either within the same range, or designed to offer a stunning contrast. Don’t just pay attention to the colour of your walls, though: consider the curtains and furniture too, as you’ll want a rug that doesn’t clash with them.

Material wise, it’s very much down to personal preference and budget.

  • Wool is a popular option for being long-lasting, attractive, warm and comfortable.

  • Cotton is good if you have children or pets as it’s easy to wash.

  • Silk is a luxurious, decadent option that works well in bedrooms.

  • Synthetic materials are inexpensive.

What is pile?

Pile refers to the density of the fibres in your carpet. High/long pile means the rug will be more shaggy, while low/short pile translates to a flatter, less fluffy rug.

It’s perfectly fair to pick a shaggier long pile rug just because you like the feel, but low-pile rugs are easier to clean and lower maintenance - worth bearing in mind if you have small people/creatures around the house.

Henley Monochrome Rug

Available in two different sizes, this lush offering from The White Company is ideal for transforming any room with ease.

It’s made from a high-quality cotton-polyester blend, and woven with recycled yarns, making it ideal for the sustainability conscious.

The simple monochromatic diamond pattern is timeless - it manages the neat trick of looking contemporary yet not modish - so you won’t have to worry about updating next season.

It’s delightfully soft underfoot. An investment piece.


Handwoven from recycled PET plastic, this eye-catching monochrome rug is perfect for defining a living space, and it’s perfect for those who are as eco-friendly as they can.

Recycled polyester, also known as PET, is obtained by melting down existing plastic and re-spinning it into new polyester fibre which has a soft, tactile feel very similar to cotton.


Add more character to your home with this colourful rug. Its attractive texture is complemented by a triangular pattern in the latest warm pastel colours.

The rug is made of dirt-repellent polypropylene fibres woven into a durable jute backing, so you can have peace of mind that it won’t get dirty - even in the busiest areas of the house. Available in seven different sizes, with prices starting at £19.99.


100% pure New Zealand wool + stunning, simple Scandinavian design = an elegant, delectably comfortable rug.

It’s understated colour scheme can bring a touch of brightness to a living room without clashing with your décor. Made from recycled PET yarn with a 6mm thickness, this is durable rug that will last for years. The clever weaving means it can be displayed both ways up.

Dunelm Pebble Wool Rug

This thick, textured rug is ideal for adding depth to your living room or bedroom. Simply, but stylish, it’s grey colour is designed to meld with your home décor, not fight against it.

Available in 8 sizes, we love it’s versatility - it would look at home in a modern house, or in a country cottage.

This is a super soft wool underfoot.

Prices vary according to size, but start at £49.

Alexia Silver Rug

This is an elegant, understated rug, to add a touch of class to any room.

It’s silver colour scheme works beautifully in a slightly bohemian homestead, while the soft pile with 100% polypropylene yarn is easy to look after, durable, and feels soft underfoot.

We love it as a chic, laidback option.

Morris & Co. Strawberry Thief Rug, L170 x W240 cm, Slate

Morris & Co is an icon of British home design, and this gorgeous Strawberry Thief rug would make a perfect centrepiece for a spacious living room.

The design is a Morris & Co classic print (Strawberry Thief was the first indigo discharge printed on cotton at Merton Abbey. in 1883) - birds stealing strawberries against a backdrop inspired by nature’s beauty. A real stunner.

100% wool and hand tufted - this is a rug that’s built to epitomise luxury.

Hand Carved Hexagon Rug

This is a classic design that will not age - like a slice of honeycomb for your living room floor. The 3D helps make your room look larger.

With a thick, shaggy, soft pile, it feels great to walk on, and that hand-carved hexagonal design is eye-catching but not overwhelming.

COLVILLE Striped tasselled mohair rug

The material: Mohair, as soft as baby hair. The visual: bold, vertical, colourful. This is a gorgeous, decadent rug for someone who really wants to go big with their living room décor.

Handwoven in Turkey, it’s made using a traditional technique, marking Colville’s commitment to artisanal craftsmanship.