Best dog beds UK 2023: stylish, comfortable dog beds for all kinds of dogs, and every owner’s budget

Best dog beds 2021: stylish, comfortable dog beds for kinds of dogs, and every owner’s budgetBest dog beds 2021: stylish, comfortable dog beds for kinds of dogs, and every owner’s budget
Best dog beds 2021: stylish, comfortable dog beds for kinds of dogs, and every owner’s budget | Best dog beds 2021: stylish, comfortable dog beds for kinds of dogs, and every owner’s budget

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It can be a challenge buying your dog a bed they love and feel comfortable in - we’re here to help

As any dog owner will know, your pup is truly part of the family. That’s why buying them a dog bed they will love is so important.

Best dog beds at a glance:

And contrary to what you might have thought before becoming a dog parent, your pooch won’t just sleep anywhere.

It can be quite a challenge finding them a bed that they’ll really love - otherwise, they’ll end up sleeping next to your pillow every night, which, while cute, isn’t the most hygienic, sleep-inducing or space-saving option.

We went on the hunt for the best dog beds out there for all budgets and interior styles.

What should I look for in a dog bed?

We took into account the comfort, materials and looks of the dog beds, as well as how much our canine tester enjoyed lounging on them.

We also considered whether they had any special tricks up their sleeves, such as being reversible, cooling during hot weather, or duvet-like for dogs that love to burrow.

Before buying a dog bed, consider the breed of your pooch and what size you’ll need. Many dog beds are available in multiple sizes, but some only come in one size so make sure to check whether it will be suitable for your pet first.

Then think about your home’s style: do you want something large and opulent to take centre stage in your living room, or are you hoping for something subtle for your dog to snooze in in your bedroom or kitchen?

You should also take into account how easy the bed is to clean: some are wipe-clean only, while others have covers that can be removed and popped in the washing machine.

Whatever breed of dog you have, and whatever style your home, you’ll find the dog bed for you in our handy roundup.

Furniture Village Holly Fabric Pet Bed

Had enough of trying to train your dog not to jump on the sofa?

Here’s an even better solution: buy them their own. The Ariana Fabric Pet Bed from British furniture retailer Furniture Village is a miniature sofa designed just for your pet.

It’s luxurious, smart and opulent with its curved arms, cosy chenille velvet upholstery and comfy padded seat.

Available in a selection of neutral colours, it’s sure to fit in with your living room décor - and your dog will be over the moon.

No guarantee they won’t still try to jump onto your sofa though.

FatFace Marching Dogs Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed

We - and our canine tester - loved this FatFace Marching Dogs Deluxe Slumber Dog Bed.

Available in three sizes, it’s seriously comfortable thanks to its generous padding and grey sherpa fleece lining.

We loved the sustainable backstory behind the bed: the fibre used to make the bed is made from plastic bottles, and the cotton used is from the Better Cotton Initiative, the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world.

We also loved the cute dog print, which is adorable yet subtle and stylish enough to slot right into any living room or kitchen.

Pet Parade Pet Cave

If you’ve got a pet who loves to burrow, they’ll never want to leave this incredibly snuggly Pet Parade Pet Cave.

Like a sleeping bag for pups, this bed is ideal for small dogs who just love being under your duvets or blankets, and who can never seem to get comfy without a cover over them.

Our canine tester felt right at home thanks to the warm sherpa lining, while the base has a thick padding to keep them comfy and safe.

We also loved the fact you can chuck the outer cover in the washing machine too, making it nice and easy to clean.

Scruffs Cool Dog Bed

Living in the UK, we don’t often get swelteringly hot days, but when we do, it’s our pets we feel most sorry for: tongues out panting, endlessly thirsty and stuck in a fur coat they can’t take off.

This genius Cool Dog Bed from Manchester-based pet bedding brand Scruffs is the answer.

Available in three sizes, the cooling mat is filled with a gel that stays between five and 10 degrees cooler than room temperature.

Best of all, you don’t even need to put it in the fridge, making it truly fuss-free.

Our dog loved lounging on this during hot summer days, with its thick foam base and mesh material making it breathable and comfortable for pups.

You can also pop the cover in the washing machine for easy cleaning.

Mikki Magic Bed

If you’re hoping for a dog bed that can chop and change depending on what you need, the Mikki Magic Bed, from pet brand Mikki, is for you.

The clever bed has a nifty drawstring system which means it can be laid flat and used as a cushion, or pulled up to create a more traditional dog bed: ideal if your dog’s bed preferences seem to fluctuate on a whim.

Not only that, but it’s also reversible so you - or your pooch - can choose between black or grey, and a velvet or fluffy texture.

We can attest to the fact that our dog looked very cosy on both sides of the bed, which is generously padded for comfort. It’s also machine washable and affordable, making it an all-round great value buy.