VIDEO: Drone footage of the combine harvester 'graveyard' near Alnwick

These stunning drone pictures and video footage show a Northumberland 'graveyard' - for combine harvesters.

By Paul Rodger, SWNS
Wednesday, 10 April, 2019, 12:00

The 700-acre site is home to around 350 broken-down and second-hand farm machines.

Three generations of farmers have been running the business near Alnwick, since the early 1970s and, while the sight will be familiar to those who have driven down Lemmington Bank, here is the more unusual view of the collection from the air.

The Manners combine harvester graveyard near Alnwick seen from the air. Picture by Katielee Arrowsmith, SWNS

It was set up by John Manners in 1972 when he started salvaging, dismantling and reconditioning combine harvesters.

Now, it takes in 75 combine harvesters every year - and either ships them whole or in parts to farmers around the world, including European countries, Morocco, South Africa, Thailand, New Zealand and Pakistan.

John, 75, is now retired but his sons Fraser, 41, and Richard, 45, deal with the haulage and parts sides of the business respectively.

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The family firm use its fleet of trucks to transport combine harvesters and send parts such as headers, engines and gearboxes around the globe.

Some of the combine harvesters at the Manners site. Picture by Katielee Arrowsmith, SWNS

It was featured on an episode of Scrap Kings - shown on Quest TV every Tuesday at 9pm.

Richard said: "We have customers from England and abroad and we take the combines apart and sell them for parts and scrap, no different to a car breakers.

"We also sell whole combines and strip them down and put them in shipping containers, before being rebuilt wherever they go.

"Places in Asia like Malaysia and Pakistan are popular customers."