Brave little Willow battling stage four cancer rings bell to celebrate end of radiotherapy

Willow Dodd has rang the bell to celebrate finishing radiotherapy treatment as her brave fight continues with the support of her loving family.

She has since faced radiotherapy, lost some of her hair and spent time in and out of hospital.

Willow rang the bell to celebrate finishing this part of her treatment.

Tuesday, October 1, marked Willow’s last day of radiotherapy and she got to ring the bell in hospital to celebrate.

Willow’s mum, Karla Heathcote, said: “It was a lovely day and we’re so proud.

“We were anxious that she wouldn’t ring it because she’s stubborn sometimes but she did and it was amazing.”

Willow celebrated the milestone with a McDonald’s, and a home-made cake baked by dad Graeme Dodd.

Willow celebrated finishing her radiotherapy.

Mum Karla added: “She has been off her food recently but she’s never off her chicken nuggets.

“She really enjoyed her McDonald’s. She’s got her little cheeks back and looks great.”

On Wednesday, October 2, Willow’s chemotherapy was delayed due to her blood levels being low.

Despite this small set-back, the family are pleased with her progress.

Willow loves playing with her dolls.

Karla continued: “She is still doing really well and she is getting through it all.

“We’re going to play catch-up with her chemo. She has three major sessions to go and a few add on sessions.

“We’re hoping that by Christmas things will be looking better but she has been doing great.

“We have been lucky that this is the first time she has been set-back. She’s a little fighter.”

Willow celebrated with a McDonald's.

Dad Graeme added: “It has been tough on her, especially her skin, but she has managed to only have a couple of overnight stays which is less than expected.”

Willow and her family have received plenty of support from across the community.

‘Will’s campaign for Willow’ is ongoing on Go Fund Me and has now raised more than £6,000. There have been many other donations from local businesses.

Graeme and Karla made Willow a cake.
Willow has loved playing with the dolls house donated to her by Gazette reader, Tracy.