Artist plans to donate Sycamore Gap tree artwork to the National Trust

Rope artist Chris Wyatt plans to donate his Sycamore Gap artwork to the National Trust.
Chris Wyatt and his Sycamore Gap art.Chris Wyatt and his Sycamore Gap art.
Chris Wyatt and his Sycamore Gap art.

Chris, a Forestry & Arboriculture businessman, created the giant rope artwork 18 months ago as a tribute to his favourite tree.

In 2022 Chris decided to try and raise money for his local air ambulance service in Warwickshire and donate the art piece after the money was raised. However the lack of donations left it to remain in Chris’ workshop.

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Like most people, Chris was shocked and saddened by the iconic tree’s felling an in response to the situation he would like to once again donate the art piece to somewhere it can be admired by many people in memory of the tree that once stood on Hadrian’s Wall.

Chris is asking for donations to his JustGiving page, which will go to the Warwickshire Air Ambulance, and hopes that the National Trust will accept the artwork to put on display for the public to see.

Pictures don’t do the display justice, as it is a 3D picture made up of individually cut pieces of rope, wood and glue in different colours standing at eight foot wide and five feet tall.

Chris said: “It's going to take years and years and years to ever get a tree to even start to form. We're never going to see a tree in that shape in our lifetime again, in that one spot, never.”