William Tell classic to be screened to the Alnwick Playhouse

Billy Connolly once opined that the mark of the true intellectual is the ability to listen to the William Tell Overture without thinking of the Lone Ranger.

It’s a testament to the excitement that this piece of music evokes. However, William Tell is itself considered to be one of the most thrilling operas of all time, and audiences in the Borders will have an opportunity to experience it for themselves next month, from the comfort of a number of local venues, via live broadcast from the Royal Opera House in London.

Rossini’s final opera helped to lay the foundations of the genre of French grand opera that dominated European stages throughout the mid-19th century.

The opera’s theme is liberty, as exemplified in the struggle against Austrian occupation led by the Swiss patriot William Tell. Tell longs to liberate his people from Austrian occupation.

When he helps a Swiss prisoner escape Austrian justice, he comes to the attention of the governor.

This story will be transported to Alnwick at the beginning of next month.

You can see William Tell on Sunday, July 5, at 2.45pm, at the Alnwick Playhouse.

Tickets cost £16 or £15, and £10 for children or students. For details, go to www.

This production promises to banish all thoughts of the Lone Ranger once and for all. It’s rated 12A.