Tune in to community singing

Switch on of Alnwick Christmas Lights'Picture by Jane Coltman
Switch on of Alnwick Christmas Lights'Picture by Jane Coltman

Hundreds of people are invited to come together in a new community singing event for Christmas.

The Big Christmas Sing is being organised in Alnwick’s market square, with one simple aim – that people should come along, sing, and enjoy the atmosphere.

The sing-a-long will be free and is being led by the Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band.

The event has been organised by local singer and performer James Matthewson, who is no stranger to the Alnwick Playhouse stage.

The 21-year-old organised the event because he wanted to see more big celebrations in the Market Place, saying the town is “at its best” when everyone comes together at Christmas.

“For a while now I have been looking at planning an event that is free and accessible to all members of our community, specifically a Christmas event,” he said.

“I believe Christmas is a time where we can all make an effort to show kindness and compassion to those around us, including those in our community whom we would not normally see.

“We have great opportunities locally with events such as the Alnwick Music Festival, the various firework displays and the switch-on of the Christmas lights.

“I feel as a community we are at our best at these events when we can put our differences aside and join together to celebrate the diversity and love within our local area.”

Mr Matthewson approached Alnwick county councillor Gordon Castle about the initiative, who said the event is a ‘wonderful idea’.

“I’ve had great experience in organising a Market Place event and I very much hope this comes off and is a success,” he said.

“The square is the centrepiece of the town. It’s a perfectly suitable enclosed place, it’s not a dedicated car park anymore, and there’s a wish from everyone I’ve spoken to to use the Market Place more. This is a great purpose for it to be used.”

Mr Matthewson added: “Alnwick Playhouse Concert Band has kindly donated its time to play for the event and will provide a fantastic soundtrack to the hundreds of voices that will hopefully be in attendance.

“Local printer and office supplies store Complete Business Supplies has kindly offered to print our free song sheets as a donation to the event.

“Some local businesses will be staying open to cater for any hungry and thirsty singers joining in the event.”

The event takes place on Thursday, December 17, at 7pm, and anyone can join in.