Morpeth Camera Club: Mick Watson showcases a range of his high-quality landscape images

Bamburgh. Picture by Mick Watson.Bamburgh. Picture by Mick Watson.
Bamburgh. Picture by Mick Watson.
For the first meeting of the new season, club members were pleased to welcome back Mick Watson from Durham Photographic Society as the guest speaker with his presentation entitled ‘Ten years of Landscape Photographs’.

Mick, who had given an excellent presentation on wildlife photography last year, certainly didn’t disappoint those in attendance with a new presentation of his high-quality landscape images and hearing about his other main photographic experiences.

He opened with Glencoe winter scenes, of Rannoch Moor reflections, crashing waves at Bowfiddle Rock, storm clouds over Glen Etive, milky waters of the Falls of Balloch and the Old Drovers Bridge near Aviemore – together with stunning landscapes of Orkney and Isle of Mull.

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Nearer to home, members saw sweeping winter scenes at Ingleton escarpments, Pen-y-Ghent shrouded in hoar frost, Rookhopes’ derelect dwellings and a Low Force panorama.

Glencoe. Picture by Mick Watson.Glencoe. Picture by Mick Watson.
Glencoe. Picture by Mick Watson.

On the shoreline, those in attendance saw Whitby sunsets, wrecks at Saltwick Bay, storm clouds over Marsden Rock, progressive stages of sunrise at Howick Scar and Cullernose Point, and a classic sweeping panorama of Bamburgh Castle.

His presentation then took the audience to Utah (USA) with anecdotes of travelling alone in this red landscape – which he said glowed with the sunrise and when the sun illuminates the rocks, together with storm clouds, these provide the conditions that he loves.

An Av (audio/visual) followed where he, with the use of a drone, captured Ashgill Force from above and from unusual and dramatic viewpoints.

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His Av of Blue Morph Arctic Foxes in their Icelandic habitat followed; capturing the behaviour of this lovely animal, illustrating the dramatic scenery and extreme weather conditions, from crisp sunshine to total whiteout.

Mesa Arch. Picture by Mick Watson.Mesa Arch. Picture by Mick Watson.
Mesa Arch. Picture by Mick Watson.

Throughout, Mick provided members with humorous anecdotes; including the necessity of wearing waders or arctic snow gear in his quest to get the perfect shot.

One can plan a trip, he said, but one is always in the hands of the weather. He can visit one place during autumn and then winter and by walking around to different points of view, he can produce an array of different images.

As photographers, it is all about the light and his aim is to use the light to capture atmospheric skies and reflections – and with the use of filters and slow shutter speeds, he can produce the milky waterfalls and stormy shorelines that he strives for.

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Scotland is his favourite place to take his photographs, he said, with Northumberland a close second and those in attendance could see the passion he has for these regions in his high-quality landscape images.

Club chairman Peter Downs thanked Mick for his brilliant presentation, after which refreshments were enjoyed.

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