The Heist: Mother and daughter duo set their sights on cash windfall

A mother and daughter duo are among the contestants taking part in The Heist.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 2:29 pm
Hellen and Leonie.
Hellen and Leonie.

Hellen, who is a retired school business manager, and her daughter, Leonie, who owns a beauty salon, both live in Alnwick.

The series, filmed in and around Northumberland, will see if locals can keep cool under pressure to plan and commit a perfect heist; evading detection from a crack team of detectives in order to win a substantial and life-changing cash prize.


How did you find the experience of being part of The Heist?

Leonie: We have both watched the series from last year along with a Spanish Heist on Netflix, The Hatton Garden Robbery and I listen to podcasts every night on crime

etc and has been for the last year!

Do you think your everyday profession will help or hinder how you do throughout the process?

Hellen: Leonie owns her own beauty salon in the centre of the market square in Alnwick so this could hinder us a bit as she is well known but it could also play to her

advantage as she is the typical beauty therapist good nails bit prim and proper even though she was born in SE London (this she plays on).

Which of your personality traits and skills will help you evade detection?

Hellen: Leonie is a performer she acts sings dances etc this will be a massive advantage to acting the part, she is able to disguise her voice and has many accents she

conquers very well. I have a reputation of being professional, as was a business manager for many years in local schools so my methodical way of problem solving

will be an asset I think

What are you most nervous about?

Leonie: We are both nervous about being interrogated as when you are in that position you don't know how you will react and can’t plan too much for this. Also

meeting the other thieves and having the trust in them not to dob you in...!

How do you feel the Alnwick community will react to The Heist? Will they support the thieves or the detectives?

Leonie: I would like to think they would support the thieves and urge us on, but this will be a BIG THING for Alnwick and will be the talk of the town

for months so who knows!

The Heist screens on Sky One and NOW TV from February 6.