Great North Run updates issued on parking, start times, numbers, junior races and the Red Arrows

Great North Run organisers have issued updates as they prepare for the 2021 event.

The Red Arrows have long been a part of the Great North Run tradition.
The Red Arrows have long been a part of the Great North Run tradition.

Since then, organisers have been continued to work through plans for the staging of what will be a different event to usual.

The information was issued to runners by email on August 12 – when the one-month countdown began to the 13.1-mile race on September 12.

The Great North Run is celebrating its 40th event this year. Founder Sir Brendan Foster with a cake to mark the occaision.

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    Running numbers, packs and start times

    Runners’ packs will start to arrive through the post after the August 23, will include their start time and arrival time for Sunday, 12 September.

    Runners were informed: “If you have friends or family running in a different wave, you can move down a wave (to a later time) but you won't be able to move to an earlier wave.”

    The Red Arrows

    Organisers have confirmed the Red Arrows will be giving a fly-by on Sunday, September 12.

    Another icon of the Great North Run, the large sign bearing its name, is being installed on the Tyne Bridge from Monday 16 August.


    The Great North Run will be broadcast live on BBC Two between 8.30am and 09.30am on September 12, then footage will move over to BBC One until 1.30pm.

    The details of the highlights show, normally shown on the Sunday evening, will be confirmed soon.

    Event information

    Organisers say runners will see some changes to the usual operation of the event.

    In their email to runners, they said: “It’s important to remember that this year’s event will be a little different to previous years and there will be a number of changes to ensure that you and our other runners have the best experience from start to finish, whilst also prioritising your health and welfare.

    "We will ensure that these changes are highlighted to you in upcoming communications, including further emails, our website and within our runner’s guide.

    “We’ll also provide you with more information on travel and parking, road closures, accommodation, start and finish maps, baggage, and plenty more. Until then, look out for your run packs arriving in the post over the next few weeks.”

    5k and junior runs

    Entries are open for the 3.1-mile event, which starts at 6pm on Friday evening for runners who are after a shorter – or faster – challenge, as well as brave half marathon runners who fancy a warm-up event.

    Then, on Saturday 11 September, it's the chance for the children to take centre stage with the Junior and Mini Great North Run.

    Travelling on the Metro

    Daysaver tickets for use on the Metro system on September 12 are available to buy online on a first-come, first-served basis.

    The daysaver tickets allow runners and others to purchase a wristband ahead of event day so they don't have to worry about sorting out travel on the morning of the run, or having to carry cash or cards.

    Tickets are available for participants, as well as the general public via the Nexus website.

    Parking information

    Newcastle City Council is offering participants the chance to pre-book parking at a selection of reserved city centre car parks for the day of the event.

    Applications are open for parking spaces at the Eldon Square Multi-Storey Car Park (approximately a 15 minute walk to the start line).

    For a flat rate fee of £3.00 you can park on September 12 at this car park up until the closing time of 10pm, with the car park reserved for participants with flexibility to arrive at a time that is convenient.

    Pre-booked places are available on a first come first served basis.