WATCH: High school students in video Dream sequence

Students at Alnwick’s high school have starred in a video to promote their autumn play.

The talented young thespians from the Duchess’s High School will be performing William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Alnwick Playhouse next month.

In the video, produced by sixth-formers Will Larkin and Edwin Barnes, six members of the cast, who play fairies and an elf, are seen frolicking in the woods.

Daisy Hope (Peaseblossom), Amy Barratt (Titania, queen of the fairies), Lexy Bee (Cobweb), Anna Simpson (Mustardseed) and Harriet Renner (1st fairy) also sing a haunting song especially written for the performance by fellow student Dan Lyst, while Courtney Swain (Puck) makes a dramatic appearance.

The video was shot in Thrunton Woods.

The Shakespeare classic follows in the footsteps of some phenomenally successful school productions, including last summer’s musical Disco Inferno and the 2014 autumn play, Cyrano de Bergerac.

A scene from the Midsummer Night's Dream promotional video.

A scene from the Midsummer Night's Dream promotional video.

There will be four performances of Midsummer Night’s Dream from Wednesday, November 4, to Saturday, November 7, at 7.30pm. Book tickets via the Playhouse website or call the box office on 01665 510785.