Tangled in love and bureaucracy

Love and Red Tape
Love and Red Tape

A fast-paced comedy, suitable for everyone who has been held under duress by the infuriating world of bureaucracy and security, is coming to north Northumberland later this month.

Miscreations Theatre presents Love and Red Tape at St Aidan’s Church, Bamburgh, on Friday, March 14, and Alnwick Playhouse on Friday, March 21, both 7.30pm.

Created and performed by Aron De Casmaker, of Cirque Du Soleil, and Rebecca Jameson, of Théâtre Sans Frontières, two world-renowned comedy performers alongside original music, masks, puppets, projections and live video feed. it’s an invigorating satire about love for duty where middle-management administrators lead their audience through a catastrophic health and safety crisis.

Have you had it up to your ears with government intrusion into your affairs?

Been tangled in a web of red-tape so tight you can’t find your way out?

Come purge your frustrations and fury with laughter in this absurd clown tale about love and bureaucracy.

Tickets for the Bamburgh performance, priced at £7.50, £5 conc, children free are available on 01668 214634.

At the Alnwick Playhouse, tickets cost £8, £9 premier, £6 child/student, via phone on 01665 510785 or online at www.alnwickplayhouse.co.uk