Stand up and take notice of 100 acts

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Mark Thomas 100 Acts of Minor Dissent, Berwick Maltings, Thursday, September 19, Alnwick Playhouse, Tuesday, October 8.

A comedian, presenter, political activist and more, Mark Thomas first became known as a guest comic on the BBC Radio 1 comedy show The Mary Whitehouse Experience in the late 1980s. He is best known for political stunts on his show The Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4.

He has performed numerous shows over the years but his latest is a little bit different.

100 Acts of Minor Dissent does what it says on the tin.

Mark is well versed in the art of creative mayhem.

Over the year he wants to carry out 100 acts that might cause a bit of havoc and make people stand up and take notice, such as his latest stunts which included the world’s first What’s The Time Mr Wolf championship and the largest Stuck in the Mud game in Hyde Park.

“It’s for fun,” he said.

“I am kind of known for doing this kind of stuff but the last four or five show I have moved away from that.

“One show was about the manifesto and I got people to come up with ideas on how to change the world.

“The next was about walking the length of the Israeli border.

“This one is different.

“It is really quite funny looking at all the little things you can do to bring about change.

“We had a game of stuck in the mud in Hyde Park because they said they were going to charge to play sports so we said they can’t do that. A legal challenge was put in but last week the parks caved in and said they were going to stop charging. So we made a difference.

“People should expect something unexpected from my show.

“There is lots of stuff for people to get involved with but I don’t do audience participation, it’s not like that.

“And of course it is fun.”

Mark is currently a third of the way through his 100 acts. However he admitted that he has to catch up as he is falling below his target.

He is hoping to have created more by the time he comes to Northumberland and some might even be created here.

The show has already been performed at Edinburgh Fringe and has received rave reviews at other venues.