Sirs’ fitting farewell

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School Summer Variety Show, Duchess’s High School, Alnwick; at Alnwick Playhouse; Wednesday, June 29.

A SPECTACULAR evening of entertainment was laid on by the Duchess’s Community High School last Thursday as the music department showed off their finest talent.

Performances consisted of choirs, bands and solo and group acts, all giving stunning performances to highlight the school’s talents, of which both the school and the community should be proud.

But last week’s performances held special resonance for the department as it is losing their head of music Andrew Scott and deputy head Mick Lock, who runs one of the choirs at the school.

The performance was a fitting tribute to the staff leaving. The sixth form-ran choir brought back previous members for a special rendition of I Know Where I’ve Been from the musical Hairspray, which was sung by Jess Straker, who sang the number when she was a student at the school.

There were stunning piano solo performances from Alex Barlow and Taylor Thompson. Particular praise for Taylor whose performance of a Chopin piano sonata was truly moving. I could sit and listen to Taylor play piano all day – Chopin would be proud.

A great mention should go to all the instrumental performances, which were to a very high standard. The big and wind bands performed expertly and the pieces were uplifting and lively.

All choral pieces were arranged beautifully, Mick Lock and Andrew Scott deserve praise for these performances.

Katie Durie gave a stunning vocal performance leaving the audience singing her praises during the interval – and she is only in Year 9.

The performance last Wednesday was truly a reminder of the great potential of all the musical capabilities that this school has to offer, particularly the behind-the-scenes work from the student-run choirs and ensembles.