REVIEW: Playhouse show was just magic

Jamie Allan iMagician
Jamie Allan iMagician

Jamie Allan’s iMagician, Alnwick Playhouse; Wednesday, October 9.

There was a gasp. The audience was hooked. He had only gone and done it.

Having asked a completely random member of the Playhouse crowd to shout out the first card that came to mind, Jamie Allan preceded to flick the deck, flipbook style.

It was a deck which had a little magician drawn on the back of each card; each animation in a slightly different position.

As Allan flicked the pack, the little character began to move.

And guess what. The sequence culminated with the penned magician pulling out the exact card that was called out moments before.

It was impressive stuff. And it epitomised Allan’s show, iMagician. The tricks were clever, imaginative, convincing and extraordinary.

One, using a combination of Facebook, Twitter and text messaging, was quite simply astounding. This, too, was typical of what iMagician was all about.

Allan blended technology – including iPads and a voice-recognition device known as Siri – with incredible magic and illusion, all enhanced through cutting-edge projection and world-class sleight of hand.

It was Harry Houdini meets the 21st century.

The show also looked at the evolution of magic, with Allan giving a brief history lesson of famous magicians through the ages and their impact on the industry. It offered a fascinating alternative to the tricks and stitched the show together.

Allan’s Playhouse appearance was the second date of his iMagician show, which is his debut national tour, having performed around the world for 10 years.

He admitted that everyone involved was still experimenting with the show, to make it as polished and complete as possible, but he certainly set the bar high with last week’s performance.

But with many empty seats in the auditorium, it was a shame that there weren’t more people there to see it.