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Snowdome at Alnwick Playhouse'Susie Millichamp and Archie McEwan
Snowdome at Alnwick Playhouse'Susie Millichamp and Archie McEwan

REVIEW: Snowdome, Alnwick Playhouse, Saturday, December 21.

What could be better to start off the Christmas festivities than a glittering dome full of magical experiences?

Snowdome at Alnwick Playhouse'Tanya Axford and Alison McGowan

Snowdome at Alnwick Playhouse'Tanya Axford and Alison McGowan

Run by PuppetShip Theatre Company the Snowdome was a fantastic experience.

Designed especially for children, it was an interactive, yet silent performance which was mesmerising.

Never before have I seen a room full of under twos, with none of them making a sound.

Because of the nature of the experience, tickets were limited and there were around 10 children at our sitting.

With the auditorium being used as a holding area, the performers, Alison McGowan and Tanya Axford, led mums, dads and youngsters behind the curtain and onto the stage which had been transformed into a glittering wonderland.

We took our ‘seats’ on cushions spread out around the dome and with gentle music in the background, we were treated to a captivating display.

Using household objects, in different ways, it was amazing how two people kept 10 children entertained for an hour.

At first, the dome was filled with boxes, which resembled a pile of presents.

One by one, they were opened to uncover lights, tinsel, a mini mirror ball, feathers and more.

Lights, glasses, funnels and paper plates were used to make sparkling Christmas trees.

Washing pegs attached to empty sticky tape rolls made dangling stars and shimmering materials, creating a wealth of sensory experiences.

It was a fantastic production for children and at 16-months-old my daughter was fascinated by each and every element.

At the end, the youngsters were able to get into the middle of the dome and play with all of the materials.

It was a fantastic use of everyday items.

I was truly amazed at how the performers managed to capture the attention span of the under-twos.

And my daughter’s clapping, laughing, dancing and noises of appreciation showed that she thoroughly enjoyed herself – as did I.

The production is tailored to age groups and there were different activities in the performances for older children while we were there.