It’s the liveliest joint in town!

Bugsy Malone Alnwick Youth Theatre Production''bugsy fat sam's gang.
Bugsy Malone Alnwick Youth Theatre Production''bugsy fat sam's gang.

Bugsy Malone, Wednesday, May 30 to Friday, June 1, Alnwick Playhouse, 7.30pm. Tickets £8, £7 conc, £6 children/students.

BUDDING actors and actresses from Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre middle group present the classic slapstick comedy.

For an evening of fun and sheer enjoyment, the musical Bugsy Malone is hard to beat.

It began life as the well-known film, starring Jodie Foster, a take-off of the old gangster movies, except that in Bugsy Malone all the gangsters, dancers and other characters were played by children.

Set in the late1920s, the prohibition years, two rival gang leaders battle for control: Fat Sam with his bumbling men armed with custard pies and the sophisticated Dandy Dan, owner of the superior splurge guns.

Desperate for help, Fat Sam calls on Bugsy Malone, to get him out of trouble. Bugsy comes up with an unusual solution, but you have to go to the show to find out what it is.

Meanwhile Bugsy has his own problems fighting off the delectable Tallulah. She is Fat Fam’s star singer at the Speakeasy, (his illicit nightclub which is hidden behind a book store,) and a rival of Blousey Brown, the new singer in town.

The 35-strong cast has been rehearsing enthusiastically since the beginning of March.

Singing and dancing with infectious energy, it will be, as Bugsy says in the show, ‘the liveliest joint in town’.

As well as the many cameo parts, the cast are also nightclub guests, then boxers in the gym, then down and outs on the street. They have to be versatile and quick-change artists.

This witty show is a great night’s entertainment for all the family, with jokey dialogue and memorable music, from the group which is being supported by the Gazette’s Jam Jar Army appeal.

Tickets area available from the Playhouse box office on 01665 510785.