Hooked on Peter Pan

Peter Pan – Rock Hall School, Tuesday, July 5

IN a rather different performance, the children of a north Northumberland school used the entire village for their version of Peter Pan.

Rock Hall School performed the play last Tuesday on the set which included the football pitch, one of the houses in the village and the duck pond.

Wendy, John and Michael flew from the window of the school on a zip-wire, Tiger and Lily were marooned on an island in the middle of the pond by a fearsome pirate and a boat towed by the crocodile effected a dramatic rescue.

In the dramatic finale, Captain Hook walked the plank to cheers from the rest of the cast before being pursued across the pond by the crocodile.

Lalage Bosanquet, one of the co-prinicpals of the school, had been planning the production for two years since seeing it in a tent in London.

The Rock Hall version involved additional adults including Brian Eke, a retired police diver and governor of the school, and Nick Ware, who played the crocodile.

In the build-up to the performance, the pupils had lessons in water safety, pulleys and ropes, rowing and how a breeches buoy works.

Mrs Bosanquet said: “Health and safety perceptions are damaging our children’s education. They are being denied fun, physical challenge, and the ability to assess and manage risk.

“People are astonished when we tackle a production like this but it is perfectly possible with careful planning, although I will say that the risk assessment makes interesting reading!

“Peter Pan makes a profound educational point as well as being great fun.”

The school would like to thank everyone involved in the production – staff, governors, Rock Farms Limited and, of course, the children.