Good job it’s not all over as Lee goes down a treat

Lee Hurst
Lee Hurst

Review: Lee Hurst, Too Scared to Leave the House, at Alnwick Playhouse, on Friday, November 23.

Sharp, witty and damn-right funny – the laughs came thick and fast when comedian Lee Hurst rolled into town.

In what is his first proper UK tour in a decade, the East End joker was in fine form throughout the ‘Aln-wick’ leg of his 50-plus date run.

A laughter-filled evening from start to finish, Hurst proved why he carved out such a name for himself as a panellist on sports quiz show They Think It’s All Over. And here’s hoping he won’t wait another 10 years before venturing on the road again.

The redevelopment of his Bethnal Green-based comedy club prompted Hurst to take his gags throughout the land.

Too Scared to Leave the House proved this was a good call.

Put simply, this was Hurst doing what he does best – making people laugh.

This hilarious show was very much a tale of two halves.

Throughout the opening 40-odd minutes, Hurst entertained the audience with his comic musings, ranging from the Olympic Games to pets, driving and London’s Old Bill.

But it was the second half when Hurst really came into his element, giving a masterclass in the art of ad-lib.

Going down the route of the complete unknown, he invited the audience to tell him their fears and he went from there.

Cue the hilarious improvised comments and observations.

The Alnwick audience gave him some decent fodder to feed off too, with a staggering collection of fears, ranging from brown bears to light bulbs.

Hurst’s rapport and banter with the audience was a delight throughout.

His easy-going, conversational nature proved the perfect partner to his comic concoctions.

It was also pleasing to see that his trip this far north was rewarded with a near-enough full Playhouse.

The venue is working hard to bring more stand-up to the town. Hurst has given a fine platform to build upon.