Going over the edge with talented youth

Over the Edge
Over the Edge

Young actors from north Northumberland will be heading to some point in the future and over the edge at the weekend.

The junior group of the Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre will be performing Over the Edge at the town-based arts venue on Sunday at 6pm.

The play is set some time in the future, where everyone has an operation at age 13 to make them look ‘acceptable’ and almost identical.

Once the operation is completed, people live with others who have also had the operation, having fun with no cares.

Some rebel before the operation and leave to find a legend called David who lives far away in The Smoke.

Tally tries to find David, but is caught by Special Circumstances and agrees to find The Smoke and spy in the hope that she will then get the operation she has been denied.

The performance is an hour-long workshop production and the drama is written by the Youth Theatre’s Cheryl Stewart and Judy Tribe and based on a teenage novel.

The production team responsible for set, lighting and costume design is made up of teenagers from the senior group of the Youth Theatre young people, who, under the guidance of Judy Tribe, have spent many hours helping to create this original piece.

Four of them choreographed a robotic dance sequence as part of their Bronze Arts Award projects, plus the young actors have been able to improvise sections.

Judy said: “The play explores many modern-day issues concerning plastic surgery, the desire for perfection and acceptance.”

Tickets cost £3, £2 child/student and under twos go free.