Classic tale gets the Oddsocks treatment

The Wind In The Willows, as performed by Oddsocks
The Wind In The Willows, as performed by Oddsocks

A theatre company which has previously brought the Merry Wives of Windsor to Alnwick is to return next month with Ratty and Mole.

For some, it may seem as though the children have only just gone back to school, but February half-term will soon be upon us.

Luckily, Alnwick Playhouse is hosting a series of performances of a theatrical treat for all the family.

Oddsocks Productions presents Wind in the Willows on five different dates – Tuesday, February 17 (2pm), Wednesday, February 18 (7pm), Thursday, February 19 (2pm), Friday, February 20 (2pm) and Saturday, February 21 (7pm).

The company, which brought Robin Hood and Treasure Island to life in 2012 and 2013, now takes on this classic tale of boats, cars, trains and washerwomen.

They want you to join Mole, Ratty, Badger and the boisterous, bumptious, loud and lovable Toad as the adventure of a lifetime unravels on the riverbank, while watching out for the dangerous weasels, stoats and ferrets from the wild wood along the way.

Live music, hilarious comedy and exciting adventure is promised from the ever-popular Oddsocks as they turn their inimitable, clever and funny hands to Kenneth Grahame’s beloved novel.

Wind in the Willows ends its winter tour with these five dates in Alnwick so the performers are sure to have it down to a fine art.

A newspaper review of the performance there said that ‘the show had the younger members of the audience laughing from the start’.

It added: ‘There is a harder message about looking after the environment but there is also a snowball fight too.

‘Wind In The Willows is a delightful show which reflects the magic of a good children’s story.’

Tickets for the Playhouse performances cost £11.50, £12.50 for premier seats or £8.50 for children and students and are available from the Playhouse box office in person, on 01665 510785 or