Bite-sized chunks of comedy of different sorts

Northern Bites, Alnwick Playhouse, Wednesday, March 21, 7.30pm. Tickets £8, £6.50 child/student. Saturday, March 24, 8pm. Tickets £8.50.

NORTHERN Bites presents two different nights with a comedy vibe.

New play Hide will be performed on Wednesday, March 21.

Carina Rodney’s comedy is set in a remote area of Northumberland.

Bird-watching turns competitive when a rare spotting raises the stakes. As the weather closes in, tension mounts, and twitching gets out of hand.

Carina Rodney is a Tyneside-based playwright. She won the People’s Play Competition in 1999 and her winning play The Big Marrow was later produced on BBC Radio 4.

On Saturday, March 24, the comedy comes in two formats – stand-up and sit-down.

Lewis Shaffer will be performing stand-up about his short visit to London, which turned out to last a little longer than he expected.

His visit in 2000 went very wrong for him when love and marriage took him from his beloved New York.

Moving over the Pond in the wrong direction (his words) meant swapping his life in The Big Apple for children, divorce and heartache in the UK.

Now trapped in a multi-occupancy council flat in Nunhead, a suburb of Peckham, Lewis is making the very best of a very bad situation.

The sit-down section comes in the form of The Starship Now Arriving at.... – a new comedy by local writer Graham Pears.

An everyday story of brotherly love, infidelity and obsessions as two men wait on a lonely park bench for the woman that never comes – or does she?

Northern Bites is a Northumberland Venues’ initiative – a partnership between the Playhouse and The Maltings in Berwick and Queen’s Hall Hexham – supported by Arts Council England and New Writing North.