Be bowled over

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An Evening with Henry Blofeld, Alnwick Playhouse, Monday, April 9, 7.30pm. Tickets £14.50, £13.50 conc, £15.50 premier.

THERE is so much more to Henry Blofeld than the cozy old Test Match Special commentary box.

No one has lived life more to the full. No one’s views are more prickly and earth-shatteringly funny.

The pompous, the politically correct, the prancing popinjays on every platform of life, are kicked unceremoniously into touch. ’Elf an Safety are shaken until the pips squeak.

Blowers talks about his upbringing and his entry into the world of journalism and broadcasting as well as a lot of famous name-dropping.

There’s some hysterical stuff from the Test Match Special commentary box, great stories of John Arlott, Brian Johnston and the others, including the great Jim Swanton who was such a snob he refused to travel in the same car as his chauffeur.

It’s a guinea-a-minute and more than an hour-and-a-half of uncomplicated fun and laughter which makes everyone feel a great deal better.