Authentic take on tragic Titanic tale

Scene from 1912 - The Untold Story.  Picture by Helen Ellis.
Scene from 1912 - The Untold Story. Picture by Helen Ellis.

REVIEW: 1912 – The Untold Story, performed by Alnwick Playhouse Senior Youth Theatre, at Alnwick Playhouse, on Wednesday, December 5.

Thought-provoking, touching and poignant - that was the senior group’s performance of 1912 - The Untold Story.

This highly-original take on the Titanic was both entertaining and insightful.

Written by Peter Brown and Cheryl Stewart, the play told the tale of the lesser-known stories of the people on board that fateful maiden voyage in April 1912, and also of those left behind.

Every character in the show actually existed and much of this untold story was word for word from the people who travelled on the luxury passenger liner.

It gave the play a real feel of authenticity to the period, but more importantly, it captured the tragedy, the drama and the poignancy of the Titanic disaster and those embroiled in it.

The production also featured songs and dances from the time – a nice touch.

The cast played their part in recreating the untold stories, with pleasing performances throughout.

The show takes place at Alnwick Playhouse tonight. Tickets are £8, conc £6, child/student £5, and are available from 01665 510785 or by visiting the venue itself.

By James Willoughby