Anniversary panto will be an adventure

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Rehearsals for Alnwick’s annual pantomime are now in full swing, and its full cast was announced last week.

A line-up of famous local faces return to put on Alnwick Theatre Club’s 40th panto, and to make it extra special, the panto has been self-written. Oh yes it has!

This year’s offering is Alice’s Adventures, an adaption of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The show will star 16-year-old Merryn Hughes as the title character. She said: “I was incredibly excited to find out I had the part of Alice.

“I find doing the panto very fun and enjoyable, and I am looking forward to all the rehearsals and playing the lead role.”

Comedy duo Peter Lewis and Jimmy Dodds return to their usual roles, with the latter playing the dame.

Matt Bush will play the narrator again as the Cheshire Cat, and the eccentric Helen Gee is the Mad Hatter.

The cast have a new director at the helm as Laura Coleman is stepping up to take charge.

She said: “There’s a lot more to it than I thought there would be. It’s all about organisation, things like booking rehearsal venues, and I’d never thought it would go that far.

“I wanted to direct Alice in Wonderland, but the only script available I didn’t particularly like, and it didn’t have the characters I wanted, so we had to write our own.

“I quite enjoyed doing it. It’s not just like writing a story. It’s about having enough people for the characters

“I could have cast the show twice over. We had a really strong group of people auditioning, which made it difficult.”

The club is still looking for people to join the show’s chorus, however. To get involved, email Laura at laurascole

Alice’s Adventures can be seen at Alnwick Playhouse, in Bondagte Without, from Friday, January 15, until Saturday, January 23.