Annie on way to fringe festival

Annie Davison on the set of Swing By Around 8, picture by Samuel Kirkman
Annie Davison on the set of Swing By Around 8, picture by Samuel Kirkman

A former student of the Duchess’s High School in Alnwick is bringing an Edinburgh Fringe Festival-bound show to the town ahead of that big break.

Annie Davison, of Newton-on-the-Moor, has been performing on the Alnwick Playhouse’s stage as part of its youth theatre group since she was nine, and she will return for a fund-raising performance being held in a bid to make her dream of performing in the Scottish capital come true.

The 18-year-old is set to star in a production of Swing By Around 8, a show written by Jess Bray, a fellow student at her university.

Annie studies English literature at Durham University but hopes to further her studies with a master’s degree in acting afterwards.

She said that she hopes to stay on at Durham University as it has a thriving acting department, producing more than 40 plays this year.

Swing By Around 8 was picked by Fourth Wall Theatre Company to be performed on one of the many famous fringe stages from Wednesday, August 5, until Tuesday, August 18.

Annie said: “The show was performed at the Durham Drama Festival and was chosen with nine other shows.

“The play won awards at the Durham Olivier. We were really inspired, so we decided to take it to the fringe.”

Annie and fellow cast members will be performing at the Alnwick Playhouse at a pop-up theatre event being staged on Thursday, July 30, at 6pm to raise the funds needed to take the play to Edinburgh. Tickets are £5.

She said: “I approached the Playhouse, and it has been really incredible and offered us the opportunity to perform the show at the venue.

“We’ve had to go through extensive permissions to perform at the festival and make sure we were the real deal.

“We also need to raise a lot of money for it.

“I had no interest in theatre when I was younger, but I went on to do all the high school productions and the youth theatre shows as I got older.”

Swing By Around 8 tells the story of Matt and Katherine, a couple stuck in a rut.

The spark of their love is fading fast, and in a misguided attempt to reignite it, they decide to host an unconventional dinner party.

However once their guests arrive, it becomes apparent that there’s been a small but crucial misunderstanding.

Hilarity, innuendo and awkward silences ensue in a domestic comedy nominated for every award at this year’s Durham Drama Festival.

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