All tickets snapped up for Disco Inferno

All five shows of Disco Inferno, performed by the talented students from Alnwick’s Duchess’s Community High School, have sold out.

Tickets for the production, which opened last night at Alnwick Playhouse, have been snapped up. The musical runs until the weekend, with 7.30pm showings tonight to Saturday, as well as a 2pm matinee on the final day. The last of the matinee tickets went today.

The show’s director Martin Allenby has said: “It’s quite remarkable. We are really pleased it’s proving popular.”

The high-energy production features classic songs from the 1970s.

To check for returns, call the Playhouse on 01665 510785.

Watch the stage being set up in under two minutes in this timelapse video.

Amy Barrett as Jane in Disco Inferno.

Amy Barrett as Jane in Disco Inferno.


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