All the ingredients for hilarity

When We Are Married, Alnwick Theatre Club, at Alnwick Playhouse, Wednesday, April 25, to Saturday, April 28, 7.30pm. £9, conc £8, child/student £6. For tickets, call the Playhouse on 01665 510785.

AFTER the success of Alnwick Theatre Club’s rumbustious pantomime in January, the amateur dramatic group returns to the Alnwick Playhouse stage later this month with JB Priestley’s farcical comedy When We Are Married.

The show is set in Clecklewyke, a fictional town in Yorkshire, where three couples – the Helliwells, the Parkers and the Soppits – are pillars of the community.

They are indulging themselves in a gigantic high tea in a joint celebration of their marriages on the same day, at the same time and in the same chapel 25 years ago.

In the middle of it all, they discover that, due to a bureaucratic muddle, their marriages were not legal.

The revelation causes pandemonium.

Add to the ensuing chaos a pert housemaid, a young organist who shows no respect, an impudent charwoman who breaks the crockery, and a drunken photographer who carries on drinking and you’ve got the ingredients for a hilarious comedy.

When We Are Married has become a firm theatrical favourite since it was written in 1938, and it’s not hard to see why, as the play depends on the time-honoured theme of self-indulgent, self important and self-satisfied members of the establishment getting their come-uppance.