A tale of two times in woman’s life

Angel – Theatre Hullabaloo, Alnwick Playhouse Studio, Wednesday, March 7, 10.30am and 7pm. Tickets £6, child/student £5. Call 01665 510785.

ANGEL is a beautiful and witty play by Kevin Dyer about childhood and ageing.

It is a fantastic piece of new writing for audiences aged 10 years and above.

Imagine a world made of paper, a world lived in then and now, a collision of two lives and a friendship that defies age and time – this is Angel.

It tells the tale of an old woman who has two times in her head, then and now. She lives alone with a make-believe dog and keeps her watch in the fridge.

Then there is the girl in the red jumper, who follows the old woman home, to a house full of paper, where nothing has been thrown away for 50 years.

They steal an old man from the place that smells of vegetables and escape to the top of a hill, where the air is clean and the sky is the colour of his eyes. Up there, the girl will help them finish the race they started when they were young.

Join this adventure through time, as the old woman tries to right the wrongs of the past, but will she remember the girl tomorrow?