A sweet treat for the whole family

Alnwick Theatre Club'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory photo by Helen Ellis
Alnwick Theatre Club'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory photo by Helen Ellis
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The tale of a family down on their luck until a chocolate bar changes their fortunes will be performed by Alnwick Playhouse Youth Theatre’s middle group next week.

Staging the Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, they will tell the story of Charlie Bucket, his family and the mysterious Willy Wonka.

And for this production, youngster Ella Paul has been given the lead role as Winnie Wonka, having never before performed with the group.

The cast is looking forward to the production, and the trials of creating different pieces of machinery on stage.

The musical was chosen to give the youngsters more opportunities to be creative.

Judy Tribe, from the youth theatre, said: “It was something Cheryl (director) had looked at before as a possible production.

“She looked at the story and thought it would help the kids to think more creatively and outside the box.

“We have got them making the machinery, getting creative about the characters and have got them to do a few different elements.

“It has been good to start introducing a more creative emphasis and it is going really well.

“They are quite excited by it and it is a fun story for them to do.”

The production is complete with Oompa-Loompas, Wonka chocolate bars, a chocolate river, and a big blueberry costume.

The musical play is directed by Cheryl Stewart, who is assisted by musical director Peter Brown and Judy.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tells the story of the boy who is obsessed with the mysterious chocolate factory and listens to tales about it from his grandfather.

But then the youngster wins one of five golden tickets to visit the factory, giving him the chance of a lifetime to feast on the sweets of which he’s always dreamed.

The youth theatre’s production will show the balance between the dull life of the Buckets and the colourful world of Wonka’s chocolate factory.

The production takes place at Alnwick Playhouse on Tuesday, June 11, and Wednesday, June 12. At each show there will be five golden tickets to be found in the audience with prizes for the winners.

Tickets £8, £7 and £6 from the box office, 01665 510785.