A show well worth the wait

THE players of St Mary’s Middle School, Belford, excelled themselves yet again, providing wonderful entertainment to a series of full houses.

This year’s snow-delayed pantomime was Red Riding Hood, written by Christine Fletcher, directed by Alison Hilton, choreographed by Ros McHugh and accompanied by Eric Gassner.

Visually it was wonderful with near professional lighting, wardrobe and props and with such clever writing, tailored to the character of the actors, the gags just kept on coming.

There were many fine individual performances from the likes of Georgie Bruce as the eponymous Red, Fynn Riseborough as the heroic Great Timber Wolf, Georgia Pearson as the villainous Baroness Bareacres and William Norwood as Granny.

But the pair who stole the stage with wonderful comic timing beyond their tender years was Blues Brothers henchmen Josh and Jordan Briggs.

The unforgettable moment of the run came on the last night though when ugly sisters Emily Evans and Zoe Blyth planted unscripted kisses on the face of the unsuspecting Davy Bell, played by Sam Murray.

His look of genuine shock was a picture as were his attempts to regain his composure as the audience fell about with laughter.

With the expertise of so many wonderful volunteers and the staff, the pupils at St Mary’s are gaining a well-earned reputation for high class entertainment in the village and long may that continue.