A night of farcical fun

REVIEW: Bedroom Farce, Warkworth Drama Group, Warkworth Memorial Hall.

Audiences were treated to a slick production of Alan Ayckbourn’s Bedroom Farce by members of Warkworth Drama Group over three nights last week.

John Lilley and Tim Gray successfully managed to create three credible bedrooms in spite of a very small stage.

Comedy is all about timing and continuity and the cast rose to the challenge superbly, with the second act running particularly smoothly.

The simple, effective lighting plot helped move seamlessly from room to room.

When Trevor (Nayfe Christopher) and Susannah (Alli Jones-Christopher) met up at a house-warming party hosted by Kate (Antonia Hoskins) and Malcolm (Gary Brown), it set in motion a series of hilarious events, which, in turn, caused havoc in the lives of Trevor’s parents, Ernest (Ralph Firth) and Delia (Steph Wilkinson) and friends Jan (Tracey Young) and Nick (Colin Heathcote).

Antonia and Gary believably portrayed a couple eager to please and surprise one another, constantly playing pranks.

Ralph, as Ernest, was a strong example of a hen-pecked husband, while Colin, as Nick, gave an excellent impression of a man/boy with a very bad back. Steph and Tracey played the parts of the long-suffering wives admirably. Alli, as Suzannah, was a convincing neurotic wife to Nayfe, her real life husband, who as Trevor, with his lugubrious insensitivity anchored the whole piece throughout.

The play and the cabaret atmosphere left the audiences buzzing on their way home.

An evening of fun and laughter had been experienced by all.

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