The Heist: Workmates hope their knowledge of the Northumberland coast will pay off

Mickey and Ryan.Mickey and Ryan.
Mickey and Ryan.
Work colleagues Mickey and Ryan are hoping their knowledge of the Northumberland coast will help them evade capture in the new series of The Heist.

Mickey, from Alnwick, is head skipper for Billy Shiel’s boat tours in Seahouses, while Belford man Ryan is a crewman.

The series, filmed in and around Northumberland, will see if locals can keep cool under pressure to plan and commit a perfect heist; evading detection from a crack team of detectives in order to win a substantial and life-changing cash prize.

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How have you prepared for The Heist? Have you taken inspiration from any TV shows / movies?

Mickey: Preparation so far has been watching Series 1 of The Heist twice, as well as lots and lots of thinking about what we are stealing, where we are stealing it from, who to trust and how I will evade capture/detection. Also looking for CCTV cameras...!

Do you think your everyday profession will help or hinder how you do throughout the process?

Mickey: I think my profession could work in my favour. I'm certainly hoping it will help with a hiding place or two, for the loot and maybe providing some kind of escape

route from the heist/slaughter.

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Which of your personality traits and skills will help you evade detection?

Mickey: I have been told that I'm quite cool under pressure and have quite a good poker face.

What are you most nervous about?

Mickey: The thing I'm most nervous about would have to be Ryan!

If you were to win the money – what would you spend it on?

Mickey: I would try to spend it wisely, some may say boringly though. Paying a chunk of my mortgage off would be nice. Then there's the possibility of a wedding (I just have to buy a ring and ask first). Then of course the chance to spoil my little boy too. Some extra savings would be good to have too, just in case the pitter patter of more tiny feet were to come along.

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How do you feel the Alnwick community will react to The Heist? Will they support the thieves or detectives?

Mickey: I think the bulk of the locals will definitely be routing for the thieves.

How did you find the experience of being part of The Heist?

Ryan: Stressful, stressful yet fun!

The Heist screens on Sky One and NOW TV from February 6.