Tasting session discovers missing link for Storehouse menu

Taste-testing for the Amble Link sausage at the Old Storehouse restaurant, Amble.
Taste-testing for the Amble Link sausage at the Old Storehouse restaurant, Amble.

A tasting team was formed to find the missing link at a new Amble restaurant at the weekend.

The Old Storehouse at Amble Links was looking for the perfect Amble Link sausage to grace its new menu.

I was invited to be one of the tasters on Sunday morning and I was joined by Jeremy Reuben, general manager at Amble Links caravan and holiday home park; Adian Monteque, head chef at The Old Storehouse; Ian Forrester, a holiday home owner at Amble Links; and Tyrone Fitzgerald, complex manager at The Old Storehouse.

There were three varieties of banger on trial, all made by Amble butcher RC Roland and Son. They were simply labelled A, B and C.

I found A quite spicy and noticed a hint of chilli. It was probably my personal favourite, but we had to consider that bangers and mash would be one of the favourite choices of youngsters.

Banger B was not quite as spicy, but full of flavour and solidly meaty.

Sausage C was made from a more red meat, probably beef, and lacked the flavour of B.

So the banger unanimously chosen was B, which turned out to be a pork sausage with ground coriander, sage leaves, ground nutmeg and three secret ingredients!

Jeremy said: “There are so many variations available on the market now. I like to think we have chosen a traditional, full-flavoured, but not too herby sausage. We all agreed in the end our choice was the most suitable for the bar menu.”

The Old Storehouse uses, where possible, local produce sourced from suppliers within Northumberland. It is open seven days a week from noon until midnight serving from the bar menu as well as an à la carte experience in the restaurant.