Remembering war heroes

Thomas Taylor
Thomas Taylor

A poignant new exhibition which features individual stories of men and women from Alnwick and some of the surrounding villages at the time of the First World War starts next week.

Memories of the Great War opens at the town’s Bailiffgate Museum on Tuesday and runs until Sunday, May 17.

The display has been organised by the Alnwick District WW1 Centenary Commemoration Group.

The exhibition will feature memorabilia, with explanatory notes, about two families, one of which has four members to remember.

There will also be exhibits relating to two village communities – High and Low Hauxley, which was a fishing/agriculture/coal mining community at the time of the Great War, and also Howick.

These village exhibits will cover more than the fighting men. There will be something about the communities at the time, some home -front activities and something about nursing.

It will not be possible to have a dedicated guide in attendance at the exhibition, but the Alnwick District WW1 Centenary Commemoration Group will consider making someone available to talk to groups from schools or other organisations.

This will not be available for individuals or families though.

If anyone would like to make such an arrangement, contact Colin Buxton by calling 07823 325601 or send him an email on
The Bailiffgate Museum is open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10am to 4pm. It will also be open on Easter Monday.

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