Novel idea comes from TV script

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An author from Northumberland has released her first novel which is based on a TV series her friend wrote in the 1990s.

Nicky Doherty’s novel The Prodigal is based on a story her friend Julie Blackie, from Newcastle, originally wrote the story for television back in the 1990s. She agreed to let Nicky transform it into a book.

The story tells the tale of Detective Sergeant Lee Jamieson, exiled from Newcastle 16 years ago but returning home in search of the teenage daughter he has never met.

With a good promotion under his belt and his parents gone, he’s ready to return to his roots and the warm Geordie spirit he has missed so much.

Much to his surprise his first assignment is in Valley Park, a forgotten sink estate and home to some of the worst social deprivation in the country – the estate where he grew up, and where Nicola Kelly, the wife of a renowned local villain, calls home.

As Lee and Nicola’s lives become entwined through a series of dramatic events, they fall in love and embark on a dangerous affair that will change both of their lives forever.

The tale of star-crossed lovers was born from a throw away comment from a police friend about the different motivations of police informers.

Julie said: “ In 1999 I met a senior police officer in Newcastle who offered to check over a script I’d written for accuracy on police procedure. 

“As an aside I asked him about informers, who they are and what motivates them to. 

“I was fascinated to hear him categorise informers into three types – small time criminals who do it for money, people who do it for self-interest , usually to deflect police attention from their crimes or to get sentences reduced, and then the most dangerous kind of informing, women who do it for moral reasons.

“Working in the North East has provided us with so much wonderful material,we’ve got a lot more books in us. We’d like to be a modern day Catherine Cookson – but with swearing!

“In fact, we’re already working on our second novel, also set in Newcastle, which will be just as gritty and uplifting as The Prodigal.”

Nicky visits the region often to see family and friends, adding that “whilst I don’t live in the region any more, the North East, and Northumberland in particular, is in my bones and I spend as much time as I can here”.

The book is available on Kindle or online at Amazon.

You can follow the progress of the next novel by searchingwith ‘Nicky Black’ on Facebook.