Trio in harmony with northern audiences


A Brit Award-winning trio are bringing their newest UK tour to Alnwick Playhouse next month. We caught up with one third of the group to find out a bit more about what makes them so great.

Re-inspired by the enduring trio harmonies of The Three Tenors, The Bee Gees, The Lettermen and Boyz-II-Men, male vocal group Blake are bringing their latest concert show, entitled In Harmony, to Northumberland.

The theme of this tour is all about their fifth album, also called In Harmony, and combines some of the greats from their previous four recordings.

Humphrey Berney, one of the guys that make up Blake, said they’ve never ventured this far into Northumberland but were excited to come.

“We haven’t been to Alnwick before but we’ve toured around every corner of the UK and we love coming up north. We find the audiences are more vocal and engaging and they’re a warm lovely audience.

“If people haven’t seen us before, they can make the links to Il Divo and will certainly like what we do. It’s quite an emotionally engaging concert because of the musicality and the personality of us but it’s something that suits all ages.

“Harmony singing is the basis of what we do, there’s no lead singer and we all take a solo . It’s that harmony and musicality that allows us to cover such a great range of music.

“At the moment we’re doing our best of, since we’re in our fifth album there will be something for everyone from classical to film, musicals to ballads, into more contemporary and even Snow Patrol and U2 with our touch on it.

“Sometimes it will be our voices acapella but we really try to mix it up and it keeps the audience engaged which is something that will appeal to all tastes.”

The trio are coming to Alnwick Playhouse on Friday, June 5, then perform at the Phoenix Theatre in Blyth. Tickets are £21.50, £20.50 standard and £19.50 concessions. They can be bought online or at the Playhouse.