There is only one direction to go

Jack Greaves
Jack Greaves

A local lad who performed on the Playhouse stage as a youngster will be back in just under two weeks as part of a professional tribute band.

Having performed in the West End production of Matilda and then going on a UK-wide tour with Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Alnwick’s Jack Greaves will be making a whistlestop tour in town as he sings with Only One Direction.

Only One Direction

Only One Direction

Dubbed the world’s first One Direction tribute band, the group will be at the Playhouse on Tuesday, August 27.

And for 24-year-old Jack, it’ll be a strange situation as he last performed there during productions with the Duchess’s Community High School.

But he’s looking forward to bringing the group’s Midnight Memories tour to the town and entertaining the audience with their gig.

Made up of Matt as Harry, Felipe as Zayn, Matt as Niall, Jack as Liam and Jonny as Louis, the fivesome will play songs from the band’s latest album, the show’s namesake, as well as some of their older hits.

Jack said: “It’s going to be great. The boys are a great laugh and we have a great team behind us.

“When I found out we were coming to Alnwick, I was like ‘what?’

“I did a few shows there back when I was in school and it’s going to be weird being back, but it’ll be good as well.

“I joined the group in June and before that I had just finished doing a UK tour of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and before that Matilda.

“They were all brilliant, but they all have such different vibes.

“You have completely different shows, but that’s great because it keeps me interested in what I do and it’s not like doing the same thing again and again.

“But the Only One Direction show is brilliant. Audiences can expect a few surprises, we’ll give out some prizes, do some signings and more.

“It’s a big show, everyone is a great singer and audiences seem to really enjoy what we do.

“We put our own mark on it as well.

“We’re all really looking forward to it and I might even get chance to take the band on a whistlestop tour of the town before the gig.”

The show, on August 27, starts at 7.30pm. Tickets are price from £14.50 to £16.50 from the box office.

For Jack Greaves, the performing arts bug didn’t hit until he was older – but it’s making an impact now.

He says: “I was a late bloomer with performing. I actually had a place to study architecture at Leeds University and I thought that was the career for me. But in the last year of school I started dancing. I joined the Alnwick Academy of Dance, at the Mechanic’s Institute and it went from there.

“I decided to take a gap year and deferred my place at Leeds and then I got the bug for it. I could have done architecture and I would still be doing it now. But I think everything happens for a reason and performing has been a good choice for me so far.”