The next Geordie anthem?

The Northern Lights. From left: Kevin Aitman, James Aitman and Rocky Mattison.
The Northern Lights. From left: Kevin Aitman, James Aitman and Rocky Mattison.

A popular Alnwick band has relaunched with the release of its first single, which pays homage to the North East and could become a ‘new Geordie anthem’.

Brothers James and Kevin Aitman are joined by Rocky Mattison in the new group, The Northern Lights.

The trio were long-standing members of former indie band The Tuckers. But they have decided to leave those days behind and rebrand the group, with a new sound and new outlook.

And if their first single, Home from Home is anything to go by,the future could be bright for the Lights.

James said: “This is something new and we are moving on from our Tuckers days.

“Our first single is about the beautiful sights and sounds around Newcastle and the North East. It is proving very popular and people are giving us some good feedback, with some saying it makes them feel nostalgic and proud and others saying it is the new Geordie anthem in the making.”

The song’s video features some stunning shots of the region.

The single will form part of the band’s debut album, Traversal, which is currently being put together.

Kevin said: “The concept is to create an album that plays like a world-wide journey where each track is dedicated to a different style of music and culture around the world. Some even go beyond this and are instrumentals dedicated to space and the universe.”

Producer Rocky said the album is his most creative music project to date as it contains a variety of musical instruments, styles and influences from around the world, from African tribal drums to jazz horns, all while maintaining its own distinctive style.