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Derek Allan and his daughters at cricket
Derek Allan and his daughters at cricket

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

July 7

It was a great We Steal Flyers gig in Hartlepool. This is one of the best places to play. People in this area seem to love and support live music so every place we play gives us a chance and loves what we do. We took another booking for April.

July 8

It was nice to be at the anniversary of Alan and Agnes, then to play a gig there too. It was in Seaham, right by the sea. We shared another nice night and this is what we look back on.

July 9

Our new camp chairs are the best for watching our daughters doing sports.

Ellie took another great catch in a match today and now has no fear of the cricket ball. She bowled well too, including another maiden, and won player of the match for the under 13s. She loves playing and aged 10 she has a great future in cricket.

We then went to watch Durham in the T20, but it is not a great T20 side and with no overseas players we may struggle. Letting young ones play is great, but it means sticking with them as they age, which never happens. In all sports I believe in picking your best team and this inspires the younger ones, like when we won the Ashes in 2005. People like winners.

July 10

We’re linking up gig dates around the UK and deciding whether to tour Europe again next year or play 200 UK dates. It all needs sorting and I’ll be working on it for three months.

I am also writing new songs for the We Steal Flyers album and we are going to be releasing a single on vinyl, mostly because Shaggy has always wanted to. I like to do all kinds of stuff and making people happy is one of those things.

Ellie was not feeling well enough to do throwing at athletics today. I love the relaxing hour watching Rebecca running. It is like she takes me with her, but in a lazy way. She says she does take me with her and she does the Rocky theme tune in her head.

Then the weekly shop. I look at toys, films, CDs and books, mostly with Rebecca. We love shopping day.

July 11

A few new dates booked for Flyers, Acoustic Magic and Sam Gibson, keeping around 600 dates a year. It all keeps going mostly because of magic Melanie.

I then walked to Cresswell with Ellie and we tried her gas cooker. She was so excited, tearful with joy. It was a great walk and our next charity walk is getting closer.

July 12

I am working on some songs for WSFLyers for the 02 Newcastle Academy gig and new songs for next year. Our new T-shirts will be selling in a few weeks.

I am loving the cricket on TV and radio, then Spotify with a wide range of music from Hani Rocks, Metallica, Passenger, Frank Turner, Civil Wars, Greg Holding, Colin Hay, and so on. I buy albums of every musician I like for the car. I love to support the things and people that I love.

July 13

Another gig was cancelled. I finished reading the book The Power Of One. I love and hate the feeling of a book ending. You feel you are leaving friends, places and memories behind. But then the new book makes you smile.

My new one is great already, Durham cricket, all about the past 100-plus years and the great players and people, and all that was involved in getting them to first class status. I would love to be involved with Durham and think I will be at some time if Ellie keeps on going the way she is.