Rob hits right note

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Losing his sight led to an Alnwick man reigniting his love of music.

Rob Davies may not be able to see, but he certainly knows how to compose a piece of music and now two of his tunes have featured on a CD.

Alnwick musician Rob Davies.

Alnwick musician Rob Davies.

When his sight started to go, Rob, 71, was given a tenor recorder by a friend and given the challenge of learning to play.

“I thought, I’m not going to be defeated,” he said.

“I learnt the scales and how to tongue the instrument then everbody started to give me whistles and flutes.

“When I moved to Northumberland eight years ago I thought I would compose one or two tunes about the area.”

Now those tunes, Sweet Bonnie Lass and Rothbury Holiday, are included on a CD called Hyldas, as the rain hides the stars, which has been put together by the Northumbria Community in Felton.

Rob, who live with his wife Catherine, in St Paul’s Garth, added: “I feels really good to know that my tunes are on CD.

“I feel that I have achieved something and it sounds really good.

“When you lose your sight, you have to grab at something which you know will help you fill your time.”

At the moment, Rob is teaching himself how to play the Native American flute, which he has described as ‘absolutledy awesome’.