Music does not work everywhere

Derek Allan. Picture by David Gerrard.
Derek Allan. Picture by David Gerrard.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

March 20

It is still a shame being a musician, promoter and writer that you have to be ignored many times a year, but I cannot do anything about it.

Melanie is a great road manager and route planner. Although we are not going too far this year, it is still great having these parts organised. It means I am able to write more and look into more charity missions.

So many of my friends lose someone daily and I have lost friends. Some of this sadness can be prevented. The more I am helped, the more I can do. You do not have to be my friend for me to want to help you and your family.

At Blyth Running Camp Rebecca has been moved up with the runners a few years older than she is and is going to be competing more. She is so small, but obviously has a big heart. I can cry when watching her run. She looks so happy and in her own wonderful world.

March 21

Whilst at Rebecca’s running club, Ellie uses the time to train alone at the side, batting, bowling and now hockey. She wants to play for England at both.

Rebecca is going to do another season at Morpeth cricket and also likes hockey so we went on a picnic walk and did some practice, and stopped to read away from the cold sea breeze. I love these days.

March 22

Melanie running Acoustic Magic is going really well. More bookings are coming in and more venues know that we can run everything for them without them having to worry about anything. I am proud of her, but to me it was to be expected.

Sadly, our Creative Base monthly gigs have been cancelled, but they were not getting anyone in to watch and music does not work everywhere. If it is not wanted somewhere, it is forced to move away.

It was a good four months and a really nice place to play. We wanted to bring in touring artists, but you need music venues to have a following before you bring out-of-town musicians.

March 23

One great thing about being online is that every day, songs and albums are ordered from all around the world. Songs are played everywhere.

I can watch a cricket match in another country and talk to people on Twitter who are there whilst the game is being played, and they can be listening to me singing on Spotify. Amazing.

It was great playing in We Steal Flyers tonight with Shaggy in Yorkshire. I love being there – a simple room to sleep in, and I read more of Charlie Boorman.

March 24

There was a new venue for us in Yorkshire tonight and it went well.

We did some shopping and tried out a new chip shop, which was like the 1980s inside, chips cooked the same way too. You need real chips in a chip shop for me, they are the best and have a nice taste. We try chip shops everywhere we go.

We are looking forward to the new album. Online interest just gets bigger and more countries are trying to book us. It is a big deal being in We Steal Flyers.

March 25

We drove back last night as the highest paid gig of the mini-tour had cancelled.

We did the last of Morpeth indoor cricket today. It has been a great few months indoors.

There was another seven-mile walk with a little running and cricket for Ellie and Rebecca, and many stories and plans.

Melanie had a night away from another crazy, busy week with her life-long friend Vicky.