Move over boy-bands – we’re the Daddies

Showaddydaddy, who will be performing at the festival of Alnwick.
Showaddydaddy, who will be performing at the festival of Alnwick.

Rock and roll from a classic era will be coming to a town near you next week, following the formation of a new tribute act.

Self-confessed ‘man-band’ Showaddydaddys are set to perform during the Festival of Alnwick, as the community launches a week-long celebration to coincide with the visit of the Olympic Torch the following Thursday.

And the line-up features a few familiar faces, some drawn from bands already well-known in the area – not least Alnwick’s very own Elvis Presley sing-a-like, Rob Mallaburn, who is joined on vocals and harmonies by Kevin Fletcher, Richie Newbegin, Mac Belisle and Sean McVey.

Rob said: “I normally put a show on at the Alnwick Gate every new year, but the last time I needed something different. I asked the lads if they would be interested in putting on a surprise show and they said yes.

“We practiced for about eight weeks beforehand and got a great response on the day – in fact, we started getting bookings, and it has grown from there.”

Rob has already made a name locally for himself with his uncanny impersonation of Elvis, as well as playing in a rockabilly band. He says choosing a name for the band was a fairly logical choice.

“We weren’t sure what we would call ourselves,” he said. “We’re all big lads, so somebody suggested ‘Fat That’, but because we’re all dads, we decided to go with Showaddydaddys. We all love the old stuff, the rock and roll numbers and the harmonies.

“For me, it makes a nice change from doing Elvis – I’m not getting any thinner and the jumpsuits were getting a bit tight.”

Showaddydaddys will perform on the stage in the Market Place on Wednesday, June 13, from 9pm.

Throughout the week, there will be a wide variety of singers, musicians and dancers at venues around the town.