Making time for the holidays

A We Steal Flyers gig in Norham Church.
A We Steal Flyers gig in Norham Church.

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.

July 14

Another packed out gig in Redcar. The people love us and when many people love you, you love them back and appreciate it all and understand that you are doing something right.

We Steal Flyers gets bigger all of the time and when you are reminded of it all it is a pleasant shock. We sold eight tickets there for our upcoming 02 gig.

We have been asked to play more radio, TV and online shows next year and I am making it so our tour dates reach the places we have to be at for all of these dates.

I am with Shaggy and Melanie all the way. They are worth working with and for.

July 15

Shaggy had a gig with his band Growing Robots and Melanie had an Acoustic Magic gig in Gosforth. We also had Sam touring Yorkshire, he was in Sheffield today. All gigs went well.

I walked with Ellie and Rebecca. Cricket practice this morning, and Rebecca ran a lap of the lake and was not even tired.

There’s so much going on and so much to hold onto.

I sit back a lot in life and wish it was all amazing for everyone. We all want to be liked, we should all just like each other.

July 16

It was tennis finals today and off to a gig up North in a village, an amazing gig in a church. It was a nice drive and another nice time.

We met a couple at a garage on the way home. They were from down South. They bought a scratchcard, won £10, then bought more and so on until they reached £70. I was pleased for them, their faces were filled with so many smiles.

Winning means so much to so many and so few win. It is easy to make someone feel like a winner and this should be done more and more.

July 17

It’s a shame that Rebecca’s athletics end for the summer holidays. It is a great hour every week, but there are still ways to help train.

Ellie has much to do with cricket, and Rebecca likes to run around the lake. We can go and do running and cricket over the holidays.

I wish it was easier to book gigs so I could set up next year a bit easier. I should have 100 gigs booked in a few weeks. A lot of it is easy enough, but there is no need for struggles.

With the Acoustic Magic all-day gigs, with 10 players booked, there are still on average two players who pull out every time. Melanie has to try to fix it, along with everything else going on.

July 18

The holidays are coming and there is much to do. I love having Ellie and Rebecca all day and most nights. The balance is so important and their hopes and dreams are now.

Wimbledon was a great two weeks and I am always pleased for all involved, but winning must be a wonderful feeling.

The cricket never ends and I still love every single match. I hope to have season tickets again for next year at Durham.

July 19

Mel and I are trying to set up everything for the summer holidays so that we can work faster, but less, with enough to survive financially over the six weeks.

We need to start thinking about Christmas shopping so we can make it a more enjoyable winter, with less worries. There are always many worries on the way, but if there is a way of cutting down on them, we try to do this. Forever planning and saving.

The Trap open mic was nice. I like meeting up with friends in the back room for some music and to talk. I love talking and listening to people.