Gigs can be enjoyed once again

S Denton and J Bound with Derek Allan (centre).
S Denton and J Bound with Derek Allan (centre).

Northumberland musician Derek Allan, who is one half of We Steal Flyers, continues his weekly diary.


I got a reply from an email today. It is very rare, but I am always pleased when I do. A few dates need to be filled to make up for the losses of the year. It is all going better now and our savings’ tins for Christmas need some pennies in them.

I have been reading more than I have for many years. Ben Fogle’s book is brilliant. He is a great person. James Cracknell, too, is an amazing, inspirational person. I do not like to be negative so I won’t write too deep into illness, but reading about people like this can pull you right back up.

We can all help more than one person, and if in life you are here to only change one person, then that person is you.

Now that I have my voice back and Shaggy, too, is no longer ill, the gigs are something to look forward to and no longer fear. We have not taken on as much work as previous years as we were unwell.

Packing the car is still a good feeling of leaving for work. Playing a gig is good fun, and the venue in Redcar tonight was one of the best of the year.

The album is shifting fast and the buzz is never-ending. I only drink water and green tea now and I still buzz always from the life I set up and live.


I went on Lionheart Radio today with Ellie to talk about our charity walk for Headway.

I have been going on Lionheart since it started and my first ever interview was with Mick Davison. I have been on the Carl Cape show for maybe 10 years too, he is a great friend and also lives the whole year filled with Christmas like I do.

Heather was there too, Tom the gardener and Tom Cadwallender, the man with a new book coming out about birds and an old friend of Melanie’s. She was a junior warden at Country Parks and he was a warden. It’s nice to reunite people.

We had a short walk around Alnwick, a great place to be. Then it was off to Alnmouth and Lesbury with Ellie to watch a little cricket and meet some old friends, and make new ones.

I love the warm feeling I get from being at this ground as this was the start for me. There is something about sport and music that makes great friends and memories for everyone involved.

Pictured are S Denton and J Bound. They were so nice to me and filled me with stories and hope. It is important to always feel welcome in life so you should always make others feel welcome. It is good to know people are happy and here for each other.

The walk home from Alnmouth to Broomhill was a good one. We met Bill Read on the way and he showed me around my old house in Warkworth, great memories in a magical place.

I do seem to meet so many great people in my life and we meet up in many different places. Good people meet good people.


Today Melanie had an Acoustic Magic gig in Wallsend. It went well and the players, Hassle, Sam Gibson and Dave Cowan, all enjoyed it.

I watched the tennis. It was wonderful, as always. These people do amazing things. I like to see great people showing off their hard work.

I also watched Durham Cricket. I am a massive fan and would go to every game if I could. Ellie, too, loves watching it. It was a great game.

We also watched the football final, with an hour walk between sports. It was a good day. Now online I can follow Durham closer than ever. I love it and Martin Emerson is a great commentator.

There is a lot of happiness about and I like to see this.

The Olympics is very close too. Rebecca has wanted to be an Olympian for four years.

Time does not fly, it ticks, but it never stops.