Fresh and ready to work hard

Derek and Shaggy of We Steal Flyers play at the Quakerhouse in Darlington
Derek and Shaggy of We Steal Flyers play at the Quakerhouse in Darlington

Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

June 2

Mel and I feel all fresh and get to work. We are reminded why we work so hard when we live a week like this. The gig with We Steal Flyers this evening was a good one in Redcar, always worth the drive. I leave just after 6pm and get back just before 2am just as most North East gigs. If they are good gigs then all of this feels worth it.

June 3

Sam Gibson is doing well with his gigs and Acoustic Magic too so we feel we can push everything on for them along with We Steal Flyers.

I love being at Chester-le-Street. We have sold more CDs here than probably anywhere in the North East and it is right beside Durham cricket ground, I love being there. So two good gigs this weekend.

June 4

This is the month I walk 24 hours for Alzheimer’s with Shaun Watts. We will hopefully raise a few hundred pounds and also get to know each other and anyone else joining us for the Footprints for Others. Up at 8am today for Ellie to captain the under -11s at Morpeth. Lots of sun, rain and happy kids growing up and sharing life. I love the cricket world.

Later in the afternoon Ellie joined Rebecca for a cricket festival at Blagdon along with the other clubs. They play four matches each. A picnic day, life and another week of memories. At 5pm we were at The Gate near Netherwhitton with Acoustic Magic. Carl Cape was joined by Neil Brannigan of a band Called HED and Sam Bosworth played a solo set and sold his new CD. There is a great past, present and future and there should always be. People will always need people and I hope they can always let it show.

June 5

A big day for Rebecca today with a Ford Castle school trip. She loved it. People doing nice things together is always good for you. Sadly, the athletics were cancelled when we arrived in Blyth because the rain was so heavy so we did the food shop but even this is fun with the right people.

June 6

The Oakfest at Causey Park has been cancelled, which is a shame for so many people. I know a lot of people were travelling a long way. I can only hope that a gig comes up or we will have another poor week .

If Melanie can take me to Bedlington I will make a start on songs for the new album. I love new album time, it takes forever but it is worth the money and the time when your own CD is played worldwide and sells thousands of copies around the world. Thousands of people give it plays on Spotify too. Just a few songs written in a kitchen in Broomhill and Bedlington.

June 7

A busy few days with posters and gigs to book to try to get a reply or two so we can set up more gigs and then off for a night running The Trap in North Broomhill. The monthly nights are still going well and people travel to play and to listen. A perfect place for people playing open mic. Shaggy has released a solo album of covers and the Growing Robots are recording an Album. Lots of writing and recording going on these days.

June 8

I love running music nights with Melanie because there is no stress or dramas. If we make or lose money then we do it together. Bar Loco is a great Newcastle venue and it went very well tonight with Steve Wilkinson and Carl Cape. My first online book “Footprints For Others” is selling in more and more countries and doing its job of making people smile and inspiring people. I could write so many novels and books if only I had more time. I love to write.